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2018 Heart Mountain Pilgrimage
Incarceration Art: A Means of Survival
July 26-28, 2018

Art is a means of survival. For thousands of Japanese Americans trapped in concentration camps like Heart Mountain, making art became a way to keep hands and minds busy. It gave form to emotions for which there were no words. Art was everywhere inside Heart Mountain, from the contemplative compositions of Issei poets to the boisterous and joyful noise of the young people’s swing bands. When incarcerees painted, performed, sang, danced, or composed, they were—if only for a moment—free again.

Estelle Ishigo, like many others, knew that art was the most direct route to fostering understanding. It’s why she devoted so much time to documenting life in this camp with her paintings and drawings. She knew they would convey the realities of life at Heart Mountain better than mere words ever could. She also encouraged others to create, to use their art to make sure this story was never forgotten. For this year’s Pilgrimage, we look to art, as well—to help us better understand those who came before, and to help us better understand
each other.


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2017 American Self: 75 years after EO 9066

2017 Heart Mountain Pilgrimage
American Self: 75 Years After EO 9066
July 28-29, 2017


The 2017 Pilgrimage was the largest since our Grand Opening in 2011! The 75th Anniversary of Executive Order 9066 inspired returning Pilgrims as well as many new people to make the journey here, with multiple large family groups and several Heart Mountain babies among the participants. 

The events were varied, featuring an array of art & media (short films produced on site, the screening of new documentary "Faceism" by David Ono & Jeff MacIntyre, three special exhibits of photography and lithographs) and numerous conversations about past and current issues (educational sessions, multigenerational discussions, speeches, and former incarcerees sharing their stories around the Heart Mountain site).

Thanks so much to all the participants for making this a truly memorable event!


To see photos from the 2017 Pilgrimage,

check them out on our Facebook page 

or in Don Tanguilig's Flickr albums

Short films from the Spoken Word/Video workshop available for viewing!

At this year's Heart Mountain Pilgrimage, a creative element was the Spoken Word/Video workshop, where participants had the opportunity to produce their own spoken word poetry and short films, working with renowned experts in the fields
G Yamazawa (national poetry slam champion), Jeff MacIntyre, and David Ono (filmmakers of The Legacy of Heart Mountain).

Check out the results of this incredible collaboration on our YouTube channel here:

2017 Heart Mountain Pilgrimage Spoken Word/Video workshop short films

Heart Mountain in the news following the 2017 Pilgrimage

The Washington Post has produced a thoughtful and moving piece featuring views of the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center, our National Historic Landmark Site, all while delving deeper into the epic friendship of Norm Mineta and Al Simpson.

Watch the segment here:

An epic political and personal bond, forged behind barbed wire

The Today Show aired a segment that was produced by Tom Brokaw and NBC crew who came to Wyoming to cover the 2017 Pilgrimage. Including interviews with Pilgrimage participants, former incarcerees, and long-time supporters of the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation, this was a great piece reflecting the important anniversary of 75 years since the signing of Executive Order 9066.

Watch the segment here: 

Revisiting a Shameful Chapter in US History: Japanese American Internment

Tom Brokaw also wrote an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times, which you can view here:

Tom Brokaw: Friends Across Barbed Wire and Politics

Our local media covered the event, producing excellent pieces about the people, events, speakers, and interactions that all came together to create a memorable Pilgrimage.

Read the articles written by Don Cogger of the Powell Tribune here:

Pilgrimage feature, Part 1

Pilgrimage feature, Part 2

LaDonna Zall honored at Pilgrimage

Read the article written by Buzzy Hassrick of the Cody Enterprise here:

Japanese Americans share memories at Pilgrimage


Thank you to our 2017 Pilgrimage sponsors!

We could not have had held this Pilgrimage without the support and generosity of our sponsors, which include:

The Powell Tribune

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Featured Artist: Roger Shimomura


The Heart Mountain Interpretive Center featured a special exhibition titled "American Self: Selected Works of Roger Shimomura." The Pilgrimage also hosted the premiere of "Faceism," a new documentary by Jeff MacIntyre & David Ono featuring the artist's performance and printed works.

According to Emily Stamey (The Prints of Roger Shimomura, 2007) Roger Shimomura's work "explores his Japanese American identity through a vibrant and provocative stylistic combination of twentieth-century American Pop art and traditional eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Japanese woodblock prints."




Digital Story: Rock Collecting

In this digital story, Hana Maruyama shares her grandfather's unique relationship with rocks, as a result of his incarceration at Heart Mountain during World War II. Hana, a former Heart Mountain staff member, created this film as the pilot to the digital storytelling effort at the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation.