A lot of work went into the annual Heart Mountain Obon festival. Buddhist reverends pored over their services, volunteers spent weeks training dancers, and the Bussei clubs worked round the clock to make and hang decorations. For the Nikkei, Obon didn’t just honor the ancestors; it celebrated the survival of the Japanese American community. Locked inside Heart Mountain, the festival came to mean even more. It was a burst of vivid color against the drab backdrop of the high desert, and an unspoken promise between incarcerees that however bleak things looked now, they would make their future brighter.

Some of that Obon spirit persists today in the Heart Mountain Pilgrimage. Each year, we gather to reflect on the past and to pay our respects to those who came before us. But we also gather to strengthen our ties to one another, to commemorate our accomplishments, and to confirm our shared resolve to stop history from repeating itself. The Pilgrimage is about remembering, but it is also about what we do with that memory–how we preserve it, share it, and use it to transform the world around us. Join us for the 2020 Heart Mountain Pilgrimage!

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